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Arabic Keyboard is a service or precisely a free virtual keyboard to help visitors in the whole world has to write words and sentences in Arabic in an easy and practical way on Internet.

the characteristics important of the service are :

1- Arabic keyboard online , to write your Arabic text without having a system which supports the Arab language on your PC, this is exclusively on

2- Arabic keyboard with search engine google integrates, that wants to say that can launch a research in the search engine Google on the words and the sentences which you only have put it with one click, it is interssant.

By example :

* search engine Google is one of the best search engines, If you wish to carry out an Arabic research, on you can do it, It is enough to type in Arabic, then click on Google Web.

* if you wish to seek Arabic photographs in the Google engine, on It is enough to type in Arabic, then click on Google images.

* if you are student and that you wish to make an Arabic subject on the free encyclopaedia, on you can write it, then click on site Wikipedia.

* you can write in Arabic and search for all the vidéos on the YouTube site, It is enough to type in Arabic on, then click on YouTube.

3- If you are in front of a PC which is not equiped with an Arab keyboard. You can use our service easily and free. is one of the best virtual keyboards Arab on Internet, then you must benefit from this inatandable occasion… good surfing.

Arabic alphabet - letter / name

ﺍ alif ﺏ ba ﺕ ta ﺙ tha ﺝ jim ﺡ 7a ﺥ kha ﺩ dal ﺫ dhal ﺭ ra ﺯ zay ﺱ sin ﺵ shin ﺹ sad ﺽ dad
ﻁ ta2 ﻅ dhad ﻉ 3ayn ﻍ ghayn ﻑ fa ﻕ qaf ﻙ kaf ﻝ lam ﻡ mim ﻥ nun ﻩ ha ﻭ waw ﻱ ya ء hamza

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